Support Services

At AvnatecMe we understand you have no time for downtime. Our portfolio of support services frees up your internal resources to focus on critical aspects of your business. Benefit from AvantecMe Support services is reduced planning and design time, faster implementation, enhanced performance, improved overall IT availability and reduced cost of ownership.

Support Services

Extending support, enhancing experience when it comes to protecting your ICT investments we extend the levels and range of support to completely protect your entire ICT infrastructure. the experience can be enhanced 24/7 throughout your organization regardless of equipment type, age and physical location.

Any investment in ICT requires full protection if you are to realize its full potential over its entire life span. Whilst all new products will include some sort of manufacturer’s warranty, it is often extremely limited in what is provided and when it will be delivered. For older products where warranty has expired, if no maintenance contract is in place, you will have to pay the full repair costs and there will be no assurance of the availability of skilled technical staff and spare parts when and where required.

To give you 100% peace of mind AvantecMe has developed a fully comprehensive support service. The full benefits and duration of any level of warranty on your equipment are retained but are further enhanced and extended with an industry leading comprehensive support package that will deliver additional key services when required. These include; on-site reactive support, remote monitoring, upgrades and proactive management. This service is available throughout the equipment lifespan and is offered as a Maintenance Contract,AvantecMe has the correct level of back-to-back contracts for software updates and spare parts so that service is not compromised.

Regardless of where, when and who you purchased your equipment from, it is possible for a Maintenance Contract to be setup that will cover all labor and material costs associated with maintaining your systems. AvantecMe covers all hardware and software components on one single contract. All at a fixed maintenance price per item of equipment.