IP TV(Internet Protocol Television) is a system through which digital television service is delivered using networking and architecture methods of IPS over a packet-switched network infrastructure (ex. Internet rather than the traditional radio, satellite or cable formats).

As one of the leading IPTV Solutions in UAE, we are prepared to help your business offer this unique service to your value-added content. We specialize in providing high quality and high definition wherever the user is via:

  • Broadband
  • Mobile
  • Internet

In Hospitality industry IP TVs provide better In House Guest experience and improve the room dining orders. Basically IP TVs are Ideal service for the Hotels.

End users who take advantage of advanced digital broadcast technology, including IPTV, VoD and Hybrid solutions can receive high digital quality via their set top boxes at home, via their PC players or anywhere that the Internet is available, including their phones. Beside technology we ensure you have the right content as well.
  • Content consulting and acquisition
  • Content management processes and distribution
  • Secure technology and business processes

Our job is to help make this a reality by being the right IPTV consultant for you.